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Philly Powered

The Philadelphia Department of Public Health was game for something new. Mighty Engine was ready to play ball.

About this Project

Philly Powered is a citywide fitness campaign led by the Philadelphia Department of Public Health to inspire all residents to find ways to fit fitness into their lives.

In creating and planning the campaign, Mighty Engine and DPH kept in mind these branding basics:

Be real.

No more images of unattainable fitness goals and one in a million perfect bodies, we insisted on showcasing real Philadelphians to capture the true diversity of fitness. Watch our campaign video celebrating Philly in motion.


Our audience didn’t need to be convinced that fitness is a good idea. They just needed inspiration and helpful ideas to get started.


We carefully placed billboards in the neighborhoods where our campaign ambassadors already had a fan base. It will be hard to miss us on your favorite radio station or on your commute. Do you have a smartphone? Then you also have access to our responsively-designed website. It’s all about reach.


  • Billboards

  • Street media

  • Street media

  • Mobile

  • Poster

  • Postcards

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