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Old City District

We're a little biased because it's our home, but Old City is a truly unique neighborhood. Our new branding campaign is helping show that to the rest of the world.

About this Project

The Old City District asked us to help them think through and re-craft the neighborhood’s branding. We started with an intensive market research effort that explored both insiders’ and outsiders’ view of the community, warts and all. Out of this process, we created the “Independent by Design” brand that reinforces a few key elements: the historic nature of the city and its role in our nation’s birth, their strong affinity for independent businesses and brands, and the strong influence of design and creative firms in the neighborhood’s economy. Visual elements underscore the handcrafted, artisan nature of many of their businesses. We’re now in the process of launching street banners and other collateral to show off and promote the new brand.


  • Visitor's Guide Cover

  • Visitor's Guide

  • Visitor's Guide

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