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Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau

Here For The Making

We’re helping PHLCVB and other regional boosters position PHL as a destination for anyone who’s ready to make something great: a new business, a meeting or event, some memories or even a life and career.

About this Project

Working with our long-time client PHLCVB–along with Select Greater Philadelphia, the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, the City of Philadelphia and other key stakeholders–Mighty Engine developed a new branding and creative campaign designed to promote our region as a world-class destination for both major business gatherings as well as business investment.

Using the shared campaign message of “Here for the Making,” the goal is to leverage our region’s rich past, present and future connection to what’s now referred to as the “maker” movement as a way of signaling that we are a region that’s crackling with creativity and chock-full of people who are eagerly working to make (or remake) new industries, successful meetings and memorable experiences.

We may work on projects all over the country, but we’ve always had a soft spot for our hometown, so developing this campaign was truly a labor of love. We’ve made it big here, and always thought of Philadelphia as a place that’s here for the making. We’re just proud to be part of telling the rest of the world about it.



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