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How To Win Friends And Make A Lot Of Noise: Mighty Engine Goes To Rock Camp

Twice a year, women from all over Philly have 48 hours to learn an instrument, form a band, write a song, and perform it. Senior Associate Lillian Dunn reports from Ladies Rock Camp.

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52 3 Spotlight: Rock to the Future

Megan, our resident SEM/SEO guru, may not readily admit being a former child prodigy of tap dance and musical theater. But she also would never deny the memories, relationships, and experiences that have remained such a big part of her life because music was such a big part of her childhood. That’s why she selected

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523 Spotlight: Entrepreneur Works

Jennifer Krout, our tireless operations director, has been on the Mighty Engine team since our humble beginnings; she knows all about what it takes to keep a small business afloat. That’s why she requested this week’s donation go to Entrepreneur Works, a nonprofit organization dedicated to growing microenterprises in local Philadelphia communities. Using a microcredit

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