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52 3 Spotlight: Children’s Scholarship Fund of Philadelphia

We asked our senior graphic designer, Julie, to select the recipient for this week’s 52³ donation. She chose the Children’s  Scholarship  Fund of Philadelphia (CSFP), which provides scholarships to  low-income students in grades K-8 so that they can attend schools of their family’s choosing. The idea is simple: if a family can afford roughly half of

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52 3 Spotlight: Small But Mighty

Here at Mighty Engine, we’ve got a soft spot for creative types. The work we’re doing with Philadelphia’s Fleisher Art Memorial and, more recently, the Painted Bride Arts Center is both exciting and rewarding for us. Matt Thompson, our new content associate, takes special interest in these projects. As an aspiring musician and writer, Matt believes that,

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523 Spotlight: PhillyPatientRide

The name might’ve given it away, but Mighty Engine is all about forward motion. So it seemed natural to give this week’s donation to PhillyPatientRide, a collaborative effort between the American Cancer Society and Philly Car Share that calls on volunteer drivers to pick up patients from hospitals all over the city and take them

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523 Spotlight: The Food Trust

At Mighty Engine, we’re big fans of food. More importantly, we’re also big fans of all things Philly, and enjoy supporting the local community. That’s why this week’s 52³ donation goes to The Food Trust, Philadelphia’s go-to resource for healthy food and nutrition education. Mighty Engine associate Emily Freisher has long been a supporter of cooking and

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