Creative to the pixel

Kevin has a true passion for all things design. He’s a graduate of Drexel University, where he majored in graphic design and minored in both marketing and fine art. He brings to our Mighty Engine team considerable skill in digital and web design, UX/UI, motion graphics and illustration. Kevin belongs to a rare (4% to be exact) group of the population that has synesthesia, a neurological phenomenon in which one type of stimulation evokes the sensation of another. He sees colors everywhere and his senses are always mixing. “It’s awesome,” says Kevin, who makes Spotify playlists for each new project in order to maximize his inspiration.

When he’s not bringing creative concepts and websites to life, he can be found playing guitar, painting, writing songs and poetry, or quoting It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia to his friends way too often. Kevin believes that with hard work, creative thinking and a great music playlist, anything can be accomplished.