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52 3 Spotlight: Children’s Scholarship Fund of Philadelphia

We asked our senior graphic designer, Julie, to select the recipient for this week’s 52³ donation. She chose the Children’s  Scholarship  Fund of Philadelphia (CSFP), which provides scholarships to  low-income students in grades K-8 so that they can attend schools of their family’s choosing.

The idea is simple: if a family can afford roughly half of their chosen school’s tuition, the national Children’s Scholarship Fund will match it. According to their official website, CSFP is currently helping nearly 3,500  students receive the education they deserve.

When asked why she chose this organization, here’s what Julie had to say:

“I picked them because, growing up in the suburbs, I had access to great public education which opened up a lot of opportunities for me. Many bright children in Philadelphia fall through the cracks because their neighborhood public school is struggling and their parents can’t afford to send them to private school. Every child should have access to a solid education, no matter their parents’ financial situation.”

Couldn’t have said it better.  Hats off to CSFP for empowering families and advocating quality education for all–keep up the great work.

To learn more about this organization, or to donate, visit them at Generocity.

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