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Reading Resources in the Classroom is Given a Boost

When the Fund for the School District of Philadelphia asked Mighty Engine to help develop and communicate their fundraising priorities, one of the first things we did was to come up with a compelling way to brand, position and message the Fund’s most important initiative with the Right Books Campaign.

Two years later, the Fund has achieved its fundraising goals of $3.4 million. How’d they do it? The Philadelphia Citizen gives a pretty good summary of this spectacularly successful effort.

In addition to the Right Books campaign, Mighty Engine also helped The Fund design an equity map and principals’ platform through which prospective donors could hear directly from principals about their school’s funding needs. The equity map is designed to readily show prospective donors which schools benefit—and don’t benefit—from corporations, foundations, nonprofits, parents groups, community stakeholders, etc. All to provide further transparency around school need so that prospective donors can make informed decisions.

The Fund just received a capacity grant from the William Penn Foundation to build out this equity map and principals’ platform functionality.