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Why Your Search Form and Sitemap Are So Last Year

Unless you run a content archive or Amazon-sized store, search forms are pointless, and unless you’re in 2001, sitemaps are unnecessary. That’s just how I , and I look at it this way: If your site has too much content that requires a sitemap—a giant list of every page on your site—or a search form

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Secure Yourself in 2016. Bad Passwords and How to Fix Them

Most of us use passwords that are easy to remember, even if that means they’re less secure.  I wager most of your life, like mine, is online somewhere from email to banking. The chance of any one person being hacked or specifically targeted for their identity is rare—all things considered—but if it does happen wouldn’t

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A Home-run Website

Mighty Engine is proud to announce the launch of an awesome new website for an awesome client.

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