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Secure Yourself in 2016. Bad Passwords and How to Fix Them

Most of us use passwords that are easy to remember, even if that means they’re less secure.  I wager most of your life, like mine, is online somewhere from email to banking. The chance of any one person being hacked or specifically targeted for their identity is rare—all things considered—but if it does happen wouldn’t

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Mighty Engine’s Headed for Build Guild

This Wednesday, June 19, Build Guild Philly is coming back to Frankford Hall for its monthly meetup. And we’re going. If you’ve never heard of it, Build Guild is a social event for local web folk that forgoes the keynote speech, skips the presentations, and gets right to the good part—the part when you hang

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Climbing the Vine: Matt Goold Finds Fame on the Internet

Being famous on the internet is no easy gig. With Amanda Bynes hosting weekly Twitter meltdowns and Rihanna Instagramming photos of questionably legal activity, it’s hard out there for a regular guy or gal to find fame among the unfathomably insane. But if anyone can do it, it’s Mighty Engine’s quick-witted art director Matt Goold,

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Every Dog Has Its Day: Meet Frankie

We’d like to introduce you to our newest–and, let’s face it, cutest– team member. Meet Frankie. We run a pretty tight ship here at Mighty Engine, and the application process isn’t for the faint of heart. But that’s no pant for Frankie, who was clearly top dog and scampered into our hearts on four little legs. She

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A Thought for Food: Mighty Engine Gets Real in the Kitchen

Short of laying down yoga mats and committing to an hour of sun salutations, we’re pretty committed to staying healthy and energized during the workday here at Mighty Engine. Keeping our creative stamina in tip-top shape is important, and what better way to fuel our strategy sessions and professional projects than with a life-sustaining essential: snacks.

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