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A Lesson in Hope

With our children’s future in their hands, the responsibility of teachers extends beyond shaping young hearts and minds to exemplifying right from wrong and providing comfort in times of need.

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Now, More Than Ever

Now More Than Ever 2016 has taken its toll on us all. I don’t know a soul who is having the best year of their life. It seems as though we as Americans are more divided by our differences than at any other time in my adult life. And it’s painful to watch on television,

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Balancing Life Step-by-Step: An intern’s perspective

Sleep. School. Career. Choose one. How do you balance life? All of my life I have been told, “You can’t have your cake and eat it too.” As an ambitious 20-something-year-old looking to make a name for herself in this world, this simply will not do! I believe that if you want it you can

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Why Your Search Form and Sitemap Are So Last Year

Unless you run a content archive or Amazon-sized store, search forms are pointless, and unless you’re in 2001, sitemaps are unnecessary. That’s just how I , and I look at it this way: If your site has too much content that requires a sitemap—a giant list of every page on your site—or a search form

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#10DaysOfGiving #Mighty100

  Dear Reader, Here at Mighty Engine, we believe that giving is an all-the-time thing. So, in addition to partnering with changemakers to engineer meaningful impact all year round, our CEO and senior staff gave each team member a crisp $100 bill to donate to the cause of their choice this holiday season! Over the

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