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Responding to Markets with Responsive Design

As of late last week, we re-launched themightyengine.com with new content, new images, and a completely new design. Part of our Mighty Engine mantra has always been testing ideas and developing new ways of thinking. Trying out these innovations ourselves, and adopting those that are successful, prepares us to offer clients solutions for an ever-changing technology market.

Lately, we’ve been thinking a lot about how you use your gadgets. Over 28% of websites are now being accessed through mobile devices, and sales of tablet computers have broken 300% year after year. When it comes to web design, this means that making a site desktop-friendly is no longer enough. It is now critical to make a website that looks and feels beautiful on all devices. It is now critical to implement what is called “responsive design.”

Responsive design isn’t just about resizing a browser window. It is a thoughtful and strategic process that varies from site to site, tailoring a user’s experience for utility and screen size.

While the website and all its elements should fit properly in the window, some functions may not be necessary to show on a mobile device that you would normally show on a desktop. When users are visiting a website from a mobile device, they usually want their visit to be quick yet informative, not riddled with unnecessary information and so, for example, many technologies that are common on a desktop or laptop–like scroll bars, dropdown menus, or hover effects–must be re-thought.

At its core, responsive design works to improve user experience by reducing the number of steps the user has to take on their mobile device to show content, and displaying that information in an elegant way.

“Looking at market research from the past few years has showed that internet traffic from mobile devices has nearly doubled. We wanted to shape our agency’s website to showcase the future of design and to create a user experience that invited people to return time and time again,” said Mighty Engine Art Director Justin Rentzel.

Check out themightyengine.com from your phone. The design is clean, the functions are simple. Mighty Engine’s News section now allows a user to check off the information they want to see, removing content that they are not interested in while keeping those stories that pique interest. It is these fine-tuned details that we think make a site beautiful on all devices.

When designing responsively, you can no longer think about one screen or one experience. The focus is on the user, not the site, and as a firm built on positive customer experience, we have to say… we like where this is going.

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