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523 Spotlight: Portside Arts Center

We’re a team pretty enthused by the art and design world, but we know not everyone has access to the space, technology or tools needed to share their creativity with the world.

That’s why, in this week’s edition of 52³, we’re donating to Portside Arts Center, a nonprofit arts and art education studio located in North East Philadelphia.

Mighty Engine graphic designer Phillip Spina loves the wealth of opportunities Portside Arts Center offers to anyone interested in the arts, at any age. From programs in mosaics or upholstery to summer camps for the younger crowd looking to escape the empty days of heat and boredom, Portside Arts Center is clearly dedicated to building a passionate and proliferated Philadelphia arts scene.

This is certainly a mission we can back. As the firm behind AIGA’s Philadelphia Design Awards 2013, we hope anyone interested in pursuing an arts-related field, whether as a hobby or a profession, has the means and the opportunity to do so. To learn more about Portside Art Gallery and the programs they offer, check out their listing on Generocity or visit at 2531 E. Lehigh Avenue.

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